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jessica Care moore's Black WOMEN Rock!



Steffanie Christi’an and JCM ROCKING the Charles H. Wright Museum for BWR! The Diaspora.

Interview with JOI

ALL BWR FANS This is an amazing interview with Joi Gilliam. Listen and get a clear understanding of why we ROCK the way we do!! This is a blessing, a lesson, a beautiful trajectory/vision into a real artist life!! TAKE NOTES!! WWW.ANTIROBOTRADIO.US

The BWR! Production Team

We are the Black WOMEN Rock! Production Team: EttaFLYY (Production Manager), Tammy Dew (Co-Production Manager) and Brandi Keeler (Hospitality & Multimedia), Piper Carter (Logistics and Multimedia) and we are so excited to have you join this movement of WOMEN artists, performers, musicians, painters, mothers, and world-changers.